Friday, December 10, 2010

Whelp. Here it is.

Okay. You hoodrats got the best of me. I started a blog. I don't think introductions are necessary. You know how I do, so i'm gonna jump on in and start with my running social commentary.

Today I encountered one of those obnoxious rude guys you really want to set on fire.

Typically at OC, it is an absolute given that a male will open the door for you. It's not that I feel as a woman I am entitled to this treatment...i am just used to it. It's a traditional thing here. I am a creature of habit, and i am in the habit of having the dang door opened for me.

However today i was directly behind a guy that shall not be named out of courtesy, also..i didn't know how to spell his last name. Kidding. I'm all about courtesy(?).

Anyways..this guy was with girfriend, doing the  typical 'we have to walk with our arms around each other so you know we're reeeeeally in love' powerstance.  This did not prevent the guy from opening the door for themselves.

It also did not prevent him from keeping the door from slamming me in the face. Twice. Nor did it prevent him not saying a word and shrugging as his girlfriend told him he should be more considerate.

I like to imagine that that door hit me in the face. I like to imagine that i was grossly disfigured because of it and  have to wear  a different ski mask..depending on each day of the week. I like to imagine that this jerkwad guy  will come sobbing to me and tell me how sorry he is now that I have drink straws in my nose orifice now so that i can breath through my ski mask.

I will look at him...take both of his hands and say through my loud straw nose breathing.."if had..just opened the door for me."

Too bad I have to live real life.



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  1. I'm following you now and i have never been more excited. SO glad you finally got one of these:)

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!