Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Sing: or Your Guide on How to Look Like an Idiot for an Audience!

well...it's been a long time since i last blogged.

but you can just cope with that..because i never promised i would do it often. just when i felt i had something worthy of documenting.
also because since January...the bulk of my life has been dominated by an event so insulated and christian- college specific that trying to explain it to 'outsiders' makes it sound like you are in a cult and putting on a polygamist Mormon musical or something....

Spring Sing.

well...for those of you who don't know.. Spring sing is a show put on by each social service club, involving a theme, costumes,  clean "choreography, and the blatant plagiarism of contemporary pop songs and copyrighted TV and cartoon characters.

if it sounds stupid..that's because it probably is. Needless to say OC is all over it.

To be honest it's really fun. and although it does call for being a strong singer and dancer (i am neither) it also calls for one other specific quality that I am very very skilled at....

Making yourself look like an idiot.

I happen to be really really good at that! I've had about 20 years of formal training in doing, saying, and making the facial expressions of an highly developed idiot. If you'd like to see my previous work..consult the glossy pages of my middle school yearbook.

You may have believed differently ...but compensating for your total lack singing and dancing skills by looking stupid is not an easy feat. only those who are deeply devoted to the craft can pull it off.
Take for example this clip of me (in the red shirt) at practice.

Tongue hanging out of the mouth? Constipated look on my face? Weird air punching and stomping in lieu of just jogging to my spot like everyone else? all carefully chosen moves.

So if you find yourself in doubt as to whether you can look cool during the show..try copying any of the above moves for maximum idiot effect.

it's all about mastering the craft, guys.