Sunday, December 12, 2010


You know, around finals and end of the semester...just about anything will distract me. anything. just around last week i found myself sitting on the bed for about 20 minutes watching an infomercial for doggy insulin.

here are two significant thoughts i had that distracted me today:
1) i see so many people dressing their little kids so stylishly. why? if you have small children and they are the cute don't have to worry about their clothes matching and stuff. you don't even need really need to make them wear real clothes. they look cute in anything. in fact, you should just make them wear a wide variety of costumes because they will look so cute. seriously, if you got a cute 3 year could dress them up like chunk of raw meat and they'd still be adorable. enjoy them while they pull it off. less baby gap. more baby costumes.

Example A: Too mature.

Example B: Juuuuust right!

2) the male population of OC could not have a more concentrated amount of white trash automobile decor. i guess i didn't realize this was a campus of coal miners. that's the only acceptable group of people that should have patriotic eagle sun shields. them and maybe former presidents. but the cherry on top of country-fied car embellishments has to be the dignified young gentleman who placed some very stately and very real DEER LEGS on either side of his pickup truck.

deer legs? when did it become appropriate to strap animal remains on your vehicle? your car is not your personal hunting lodge. i await the day i get stuck behind somebody dragging a whale carcass strapped to the back of their SUV...or see somebody with the last remaining white Siberian tiger's head on the spokes of their bicycle wheels.

like i said. finals week= mental distractions.


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